Why Making Money As A Home Based Marketing Consultant Doesn’t Require Natural Skill Or Money

Usually, when someone comes to me asking me to train them as a home based
marketing consultant they will ask what separates the way I do things from all the other marketing consultants.

Why is it that someone with no extraordinary talent, speaking abilities or sales skills
can last for over 20 years in this game while 80% of all the other home based
marketing consultants eventually go under or make so little their business actually
costs them money each year.

In other words…what’s my secret?

There are only two.

One is I’m always marketing myself. I never stop promoting my business and going
after new clients.

The second one, however, is a bit different. And it’s what keeps me and my home
business marketing consulting students one, two even three steps of everyone else.
Even people with more natural marketing and sales talent, and even those with more
money to advertise themselves with.

You see, where I, and those I train, differ from everybody else is in our ability to go
into a small business and identify what I like to call “hidden marketing assets”.

What’s a hidden marketing asset?

A hidden marketing asset is something the business owner I’m working with has
that is immensely valuable to him and his business but he doesn’t realize it.

One example of this (and there are dozens upon dozens of them) is special
relationships the client may have with other people and businesses in the
community they can leverage off of by exchanging leads.

And what you have to do — above all else — is simply learn how to identify those

How do you do that?

Well, what I do is ask a special series of questions to every client I work with whose
only purpose is to find those hidden assets.

And once I have those assets, the marketing consulting practically works itself. The
money starts flowing in almost by magic. Even though the client isn’t spending any
extra money on his marketing. In fact, sometimes he will spend less.

And this one simple thing is really what separates us from anybody else.

Any traditional advertiser or traditional marketing consultant doesn’t care about the
business’s hidden marketing assets.

They just want to sell more advertising, and they want to sell more direct mail or
they want to sell more coupons or they want to sell more billboard space or more
radio or more newspaper ads.

When you do it my way, on the other hand, you’re going in and saying, “Hey, you
don’t need any of that, but I do need to take you through a series of questions to
see if you have what I call marketing assets. Then, I will simply take those assets
and systematically leverage them into a marketing system to create increases for

See what I mean?

This is one of the reasons why you don’t need to be a marketing and business
genius to make it as a marketing consultant in a home business.

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