Produce Pocket Spring Mattresses

ZIMLIN Mattress Machinery is professional manufacturing pocket spring machine, your best choice for production of mattress and sofa pocket spring. let’s take a look at what are pocket spring machine’s characteristics
What is pocket spring mattress?
What is a separate bag is to press each of the independent body springs into a bag with a non-woven bag. Then connect them together, and then glue them together to form a bed net. the bed net surface paste on sponge layer. So that each bag of spring can be evenly stressed, and it feels more comfortable when we used.
The general process of a conventional spring mattress. First of all, Each spring body operates independently, independently supported, can be individually telescoped. Second, each spring is then assembled in a fiber bag, a non-woven bag or a cotton bag. And third, the spring bags between the different columns are glued to each other.

How to making the pocket spring
Is easy to making pocket spring, you just need a pocket spring production line. This production line is made up of pocket spring machine and pocket spring assembly machine. And using them to produce springs.
First of all pocket spring machine produce pocket spring line. Secondly, using pocket spring assembly machine cutting into a row of pocket spring. Thirdly, glue the rows of springs together, and then form a mattress model.

Low investment cost with short-term high return. We all know that the mattress sales is a very profitable industry. Investing in the best machinery will determine the quality of the mattress you make.The maintenance machinery is simple and cost-effective. Machinery parts are very common and not easy to damage. Even if it is damaged, you can buy it locally.
Pocket spring machine description
In one working cycle, all the processes of spring winding, heat treatment, conveying, bag forming, etc. Can be completed automatically. With Unique back closure design, the spring shape is beautiful and compact. This machine adopts numerical control microcomputer system control, fully automatic operation, and is used to produce back-sealed bagged springs. The equipment with a beautiful appearance, perfect production efficiency and easy to operation.
Pocket spring machine with many advantages
1.Production efficiency can be reaches 120spring/min.

2.Passed CE certification and perfect safety performance.Production line.

3. With self-developed control system,ultrasonic welding, low noise, no pollotion.

4.Modular design, easy to install and steady performance.

5.Efficient and secure automatic out-off device

After sales service
1.If have some problems with machine we will send technicians repair.
2.One year warranty

3.Our company will provide you with technical support.

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