A Guide to Recruitment Consultancy

Recruitment is the process of locating skilled and qualified experienced potential applicants to apply for job openings. Recruitment consultancies attract large number of qualified applicants who are ready to take up the job if it’s offered. Organizations have to recruit people with requisite skills, experience and qualifications to survive in the market from competition. For that they need to tap all sources both external and internal to recruit a skilled and qualified employee.

A recruitment consultancy helps to find and select a suitable candidate for a job opening. They often visit reputed educational institutions, universities, with a view to pick up job aspirants with requisite technical and professional skills. The merits are the organization has the freedom to select candidate from a large source, people with special skills can be hired easily, and often consultancies provide better employment opportunities to skilled and qualified candidates and job seekers.

Recruitment consultancy is a growing and lucrative business in the UK. Firms in the UK like Chase Zander, Vanquish Recruitment consultant, Robert Walters, Mind Bench Consulting, and CIMA, offer specialized employment related services to corporate houses for a fee.

They also have many plus points to their credit. They have many contacts and are especially good at contacting skilled and experienced candidates. They advertise all vacancies, inform job applicants the basic details and job conditions of every job advertised, process all applications with efficiency and courtesy, seek candidates on the basis of their qualifications, and aim to ensure every person invited for interview will be given a fair and thorough hearing. They identify the right candidates in a highly professional way. They also guide and provide advice relating to employment to job seekers and candidates.

On the negative side hiring costs go up and the fees charged by some can be very high, sometimes over 25 to 30 percent of the annual salary for the position to be filled. This is however highly dependent on the type of recruitment consultancy, and the amount of work they will do for the employer. Sometimes higher rates are worth paying for if the candidate pool is one which is highly skilled in nature, and are sought-after. Also, the use of a recruitment consultant should reduce the amount of time it takes to hire a suitable candidate. Today, some recruitment consultancies also help in relation to training, payroll processing, surveys and statuary compliances.

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