Writing as a “Consultant” – Is It For You?

Every professional writer probably at some point in his/her life considered whether to work for a company or go at it along as a consultant. There are pros and cons to both positions. Let me spell out the #1 pros and cons of both work styles. ********** PROS #1 reason to work as a consultant: [...]

Why Making Money As A Home Based Marketing Consultant Doesn’t Require Natural Skill Or Money

Usually, when someone comes to me asking me to train them as a home based marketing consultant they will ask what separates the way I do things from all the other marketing consultants. Why is it that someone with no extraordinary talent, speaking abilities or sales skills can last for over 20 years in this [...]

How to Avoid a Disastrous Experience at the Hands of a Mentor-Coach-Consultant

Are you one of the many who is plumb sick and tired of working for someone whose I.Q. equals the calories in a lettuce leaf? For an organization that mouths promises about Promoting From Within, while having a dozen ads on Monster.com? Whose idea of a Good Company Person is an employee who sits for [...]

The Greatest Challenges the Internet Consultant Faces!

While there are few career paths that some would call perfect, being a consultant comes pretty close to having it all. Yet while it is one of the best ways to earn a living, there are challenges and pitfalls that are sometimes overwhelming and unexpected. When analyzing, identifying and exploring the most specific challenges high [...]

Why Hire an Advertising/Marketing Consultant?

As a business owner, you have the option of taking several different approaches to handling your Marketing and Advertising. You may choose to handle the responsibility yourself, with the idea that no one understands your business quite the way you do.. You may also consider hiring a full time marketing manager or even assigning the [...]